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Management within the structure of The Macklin Companies is more than just the activities related to the projection of a valuable asset, it's a commitment to its investors. The investors in our project are not only the people, the institutions and lenders, they are the tenants, users, and buyers for our projects. Many of our projects have been in existence for over a decade. The Macklin Companies pride themselves in the "useability" of the projects. The people who work in the buildings that we build are as important as the silent investor who may never see the project. A commitment to service and quality are cornerstones to our success.

The Macklin team brings one unusual yet necessary strength to each of their projects: sensitivity to the marketplace. Sharply aware of the needs of the communities in which Macklin builds, they design developments to compliment and enhance the immediate and regional community. Such sensitivity not only promotes immediate acceptance of projects by the community at large, but also becomes a principal factor in the maintenance of property values over the long-term.

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